Dutch Features has returned to AFM with the world premiere of one of Europe’s most successful children’s franchises

After last year’s significant sales results, Dutch Features Global Entertainment (DFGE) has returned to AFM this year with one of Europe’s most successful children’s franchises: AFM 2015 is the host to the world premiere of the highly anticipated second installment of the Dummie the Mummy franchise: Dummie the Mummy and the Sphinx of Shakaba.

The second installment to this popular children’s franchise is set to become a Christmas box-office hit this year, released 9 December 2015 by distributor Dutch Film Works in the Netherlands. Prior to AFM, DFGE already entered negotiations with various parties, who were eager to pick up the rights for different territories worldwide.

In Dummie the Mummy and the Sphinx of Shakaba, Dummie, the little living mummy, realizes he will never grow up to become a real Pharaoh, and decides he wants to be famous instead. Just as famous as his dad, the great Pharaoh, 4000 years ago. His best friend Gus and his dad are worried: a famous living mummy is asking for trouble.

The first installment of the film dominated the cinemas during opening weekend in the fall of 2014, leaving international hits The Maze Runner and Fury trailing in the dust. Winner of a Golden Film Award by the Dutch Film Festival, directed by Pim van Hoeve, produced by PV Pictures and Nickelodeon, the film quickly went on to become a true buyer’s favorite during the American Film Market 2014, by realizing fantastic sales results in its aftermath. DFGE has licensed the film to more than 50 territories.

DFGE’s family films star some of the industry’s most celebrated children’s characters and exemplify the diversity of DFGE’s rapidly expanding catalogue.

Other highlights of DFGE’s new slate for AFM 2015 include cult-movie Roadduster, Official selection and opening film of the 2015 Netherlands Film Festival, the highly acclaimed psychological thriller Murdered Memory and the sensual drama Rendez-vous, starring Pierre Boulanger, officially selected by the 2015 Woodstock Film Festival and Santa Barbara Film Festival 2016.